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I wanted to thank you for visiting my new site and your interest in the presentation I have compiled. It took years of research, and months and months of compiling to put this all together in a format that's digestible for people.

Me...I am just a down to Earth regular guy like most of you searching for answers in this crazy rat maze called life. I have been researching this stuff for so long it all finally came together in 2009 to form a bigger picture. The first time I heard the term "New World Order" was back in 1985, and I have been researching ever since then. I have come along way in my journey through the Rabbit Hole.

I created The Rabbit Hole to help people understand what I have learned, and that is, the conspiracy "IS" the conspiracy. What better way to hide it than to bury it in a landslide of smaller less colossal conspiracies. It's diabolical genius.

You may possibly be the first generation of people to witness an event that happens once in 3.6 Millennia. Nature will decide who stays and who goes. Be with your family and friends, get right spiritually whatever that may be, and most of all don't spend this time worrying, or getting all crazed up or anything. Don't be that guy, you know, the ones they always show in "end times" movies standing outside the gates of the compound banging on the fence screaming "Let Us In!" Many groups, military, private security, and armed militias will have shoot to kill orders. Stay away from their compounds at all means and don't give them a reason to shoot you, because they will.

LUCUS in Corpus Christi, TX 2005 - 40" Redfish caught on shrimp. Too bad I may never get to fish in the Gulf of Mexico again, it was my favorite place to be.

The real kicker is when you finally realize that the Government is not out to "kill" everyone off like a lot of people think, but, in all reality have been working endlessly to ensure the preservation of the human race. It may sound strange to you now, but, after thinking about it for quite a while, I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion.

As for the Governments telling the public about an event that they are powerless against...How could they? In all reality, I don't personally believe that humanity as a whole can handle the truth. People would become depressed, stop working, and the system would break down long before the cosmic show even started. We would go into the event with a collapsed society, which would make the situation all the more worse for everyone. Everything about humanity and the entire structure of things would have to center around that faithful day (s). This information can be emotionally traumatizing to some people if taken in too quickly. A public announcement would cause disorder, a mob mentality, and utter chaos would ensue. Look at the Katrina hurricane, the stores were being completely looted, even by cops.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words, emails, and support that has been extended towards my efforts in this research. It has been quite the barrage, and it is very much appreciated. I hope the information has helped you to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together.

As time goes by I hope to be able to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information as I can all the way to the apex of whatever event is going to happen. Which brings me to me next point.

A lot of people ask me "what" and "when"... The only answers I give can you is "I Don't Know" and "I Don't Know", because I simply have no idea. I can tell you this...people are preparing for it, the Earth is acting strange, there are crazy things going on in space, the world is on the brink of meltdown, and the ancients feared that crazy spiral.

I was the first guy to tie the ancient petroglyphs and the Norway Spiral together. To many people, that was the kicker, seeing so many spiral petroglyphs associated with catastrophe.

I was already researching petroglyphs for months and had noticed the spiral was showing up everywhere all over the world. So, needless to say, when the Norway Spiral happened I was pretty freaked out. I had even told a couple friends about these spirals I was seeing in the petroglyphs and low and behold 3 days later...BAM...Norway Spiral.

I am a researcher, that's what I do. Some call it being a "Searchlight Soul" and if that's what it is then so be it, but, I would like to think I do a pretty darn good job at connecting some major dots. I have been fascinated with the unknown since I was a child and there was not a toy I owned that at some point in time did not end up disassembled to find out "How it works".

So I hope you help The Rabbit Hole by purchasing the updated DVD combo or linking to the site. It takes a ton of time to manage a news site by myself, endlessly research, and still eat. So... we will see if I can afford to do this or not. It really all depends on support from the people like you.

Personally, I love researching this stuff, and would love to be able to maintain a status where I can do it full time, but, once again, that will all depend on the public.

Many of you have probably seen a few of my past works and don't even know it. I have a whole slew of videos and things I did going all the way back to 05, but, I never really stuck a label on them. In coming time I will be featuring a section where I put everything I have done into an archive.

I hope you make this site a part of your daily life as I will do my best to dig deep and hunt out the useful information so you can make your own mind up about what is going on.

Hope to see you around


P.S. Oh, and by the way, LUCUS is a pseudonym and an anagram ;)

L  iving
U  nder
C  onstant
U  nstoppable
S  uppression

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