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Bush, Putin, and Jintao in cerimonial tunics
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President George W. Bush, President Hu Jintao, President Vladimir V. Putin


2. Human Security and others (morning of November 19)

(1) Counter-terrorism, Measures against Infectious Diseases, Energy Security

  • (a) The Leaders reconfirmed security issues such as counter-terrorism and measures against infectious diseases as APEC's issues and they welcomed APEC's initiative and activities in these fields. Some Leaders pointed out that in addition to counter-terrorism, it was important to eliminate hotbeds of terrorism such as lack of education or poverty.
    Prime Minister Abe stated that Japan would tackle the prevention and eradication of terrorism and global organized crime, pointing out that the issues of counter-terrorism and infectious diseases should be tackled from the viewpoint of human security.
  • (b) Prime Minister Abe stated that the missile launches and the nuclear test conducted by North Korea posed a great threat to the peace and security not only of Japan but also of East Asia and beyond and that Japan would not tolerate these acts by any means. He also made clear that although Japan welcomed the possible resumption of the Six-Party Talks, it was important to continue to urge North Korea to implement the Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks and the UNSC Resolution 1718. Prime Minister Abe emphasized that North Korea had not been dealing with the abduction issue sincerely and that it was important to solve the abduction issue as soon as possible through international coordination. To this appeal, several Leaders including President Bush expressed support.
    In his concluding remarks, President Triet, who chaired the meeting, remarked that he shared the recognition on the abduction issue brought up by Prime Minister Abe, and he released an oral statement concerning the issue of nuclear testing by North Korea at the press conference.

(2) A number of Leaders pointed out the importance of energy problems, and they expressed opinions on such matters as alternative energy, new energy, energy-saving, and the necessity of clean energy R&D.

Energy security, said Prime Minister Abe, is an important issue, and Japan, which does not have energy sources, possesses world's leading technology in such fields as energy efficiency and conservation of the environment, and it is ready to actively cooperate with other countries and regions in these areas.

(3) On APEC reform, the Leaders agreed to improve its efficiency and continuity.



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