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This article was written just a couple days BEFORE a massive UNEXPECTED Earthquake swarm started under Yellowstone!!!

New Seismic Monitoring Equipment Slated for Yellowstone
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 19:16 <---5 DAYS BEFORE EQ SWARM

Federal stimulus money will be used to add 10 more monitoring stations to Yellowstone National Park, providing even more data on seismic events and every little burp of the Yellowstone supervolcano.




Series Of Minor Earthquakes Continue In Yellowstone
January 22, 2010 10-004A
Al Nash 307-344-2015
Series Of Minor Earthquakes Continue In Yellowstone

A series of micro to moderate earthquakes continue to shake some visitors and residents in and near Yellowstone National Park.

The activity is centered in the northwest corner of the Yellowstone Caldera, in the backcountry roughly half-way between Old Faithful and the community of West Yellowstone, Montana.

As of 9:00 a.m. MST Friday, January 22, 1,033 earthquakes had been recorded since the swarm began occurring on Sunday afternoon, January 17th. <---NOTICE THE DATE

Ten of the earthquakes have been magnitude 3.0 or greater, with a 3.8 magnitude earthquake recorded late Wednesday evening. The larger quakes have been felt by people in Old Faithful, West Yellowstone, Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grant Village, Madison, and Gardiner. No damage or injuries have been reported.

Scientists are confident that the current earthquake activity is due to the shifting and changing pressures in the earth’s crust, and not to any change or increase in volcanic activity in Yellowstone.

The park is using this occasion to reinforce earthquake preparedness, and to remind both employees and visitors how the unique and active geologic nature of the park has resulted in the creation of the world’s largest collection of geysers, hot springs, and other hydrothermal features.

Yellowstone averages about 1,600 earthquakes a year, and recorded 1,652 earthquakes in 2009.

The park has experienced 80 earthquake swarms in the last 15 years. The last swarm of 133 very small earthquakes occurred in mid October 2009 near Heart Lake, in the south-central portion of the park.

This earthquake activity is being monitored ’round-the-clock by staff of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, a cooperative effort of the National Park Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the University of Utah.

Generally, earthquakes less than a magnitude 3.0 are not felt by people. It typically takes an earthquake of magnitude 4.0 or greater to cause structural damage, and a magnitude 6.5 earthquake to cause the surface of the ground to rupture.



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