The Rabbit Hole - Conspiracy, Cosmic Events, Earth Changes, and the Return of the Destroyer, Planet X, Nemesis.



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18,000 Year civilization chart compiled by LUCUS 2009
Antarctic Ice Core Data 400,000 Years


1987 EDITION -  New Science and Invention Encyclopedia
SEPTEMBER 10th, 1984 - US News World Report -Planet X - Is it really out there?
DECEMBER 30th, 1983 - Washington Post -Heavenly body discovered possibly as large as Jupiter
JANUARY 30th, 1983 - New York Times -There is something out there
JANUARY 25th, 1983 - US Government launchesIRAS, The Infrared Astronomical Satellite
OCTOBER 1982 - Astronomy Magazine -Searching for a tenth planet
JUNE 28th, 1982 - Newsweek -Does the Sun have a dark companion?
JUNE 19th, 1982 - New York Times - Some kind of mystery object is really there
DECEMBER 1981 - Astronomy Magazine -Search for the tenth planet


JULY 2011 - US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan to start.
JUNE 14th, 2010 -NASA warns of massive destructive solar storms as early as 2013
JUNE 10th, 2010 -Denver New World Airport erects giant Anubis Egyptian God of Death statue.
FEBRUARY 7th, 2010
Over 170 CEO/CFO resignations in recent weeks
JANUARY 24th, 2010
Marion Berry makes the 12th House Democrat to Retire in Last 24 days!

JANUARY 13th, 2010 -New seismic equipment sent to Yellowstone days before quake swarms!
DECEMBER 2009 - NASA launched theWISE Telescope
NOVEMBER 19th, 2009 - Climategate -Thousands of climate documents hacked reveal huge cover-up
JUNE 11th, 2009 - Incoming "Space Rocks" now classified top secret.
APRIL 11th, 2009 - U.S. toupgrade volcano and earthquake monitoring systems.
DECEMBER 6th, 2008 - ThePanoramic Survey Telescope And Rapid Response System went online.
DECEMBER, 2008 - Northern Commandraises original troops on homeland soil from 6,000 to 20,000
OCTOBER 3rd-10th, 2008 - Stock market crashes 2,000 points under it's own weight
OCTOBER 2nd, 2008 -Congress Threatened With Martial Law (VIDEO)
OCTOBER 1st, 2008 - Northern Commanddeploys 6,000 REGULAR MILITARY troops on US soil.
JUNE 23rd, 2008 - Story runs aboutDutch Preparing for catastrophe
FEBRUARY 28th, 2008 - Neil Bush meets President of Paraguay and Hyun Jin Moon, son of Reverend Sun Myung Moon
SEPTEMBER 11th, 2007 -Russia tests the largest conventional weapon ever created called "The Father of all Bombs"
JULY 17th, 2007 -Vatican closes its library open to the public for over 500 years!
MAY 4th, 2007 - George Bush Jr. drafts theNational Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive
FEBRUARY, 16th 2007 -South Pole Telescope achieved first light.
2007 - Report Card onAmerica's Infrastructure released.
NOVEMBER 19th, 2006 -Bush meets with Putin and Jintao
NOVEMBER 2006 - Video Sharing site Youtube is acquired by Google. Youtube had over 100 million users when it was acquired by Google. Shortly after the censoring, manipulations, and various anomalies started.
OCTOBER 17th,2006 - George Bush Jr signs "H.R. 5122 [109th]: The John Warner National Defense Authorization Act which usurps the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act that forbade The US Military from operating on US soil.
OCTOBER, 2006 George Bush Jrbuys 98,000 acres in Paraguay strategically placed behind the Andes Mountains.
JUNE - 2006 -TheDoomsday Seed Vault constructed deep inside a mountain in Arctic Norway.
JUNE - 2006 -The EPA starts closing down its library network.
MAY 6th, 2005 - The CIA Relocates its headquarters to Denver.
AUGUST 29th, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina strikes. FEMA is very slow to act, thus causing the disaster to become much more grave.National Guard and Police practiced confiscating guns and beating up old ladies. (VIDEOS)
SEPTEMBER 11th, 2004 - Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandriadies in UNEXPLAINED helicopter crash.

SEPTEMBER 11th, 2003 - Swedish foreign ministerAnna Lindh dies from multiple stab wounds.
MARCH 20th, 2003 - Claiming weapons of mass destruction, The United States and the UK invade Iraq.The United States builds the world's largest military base there. The WMDs claim proves to be a lie.
OCTOBER 26th, 2001 - The USA PATRIOT ACT is signed into law. This basically allows the US Government to do anything it chooses. This 342 page piece of filth is the framework for tyranny.
OCTOBER 1st, 2002 - United States establishesUnited States Northern Command in Colorado Springs.
OCTOBER 7th, 2001 -The US invades Afghanistan to secure an oil pipeline rout and to take control of the poppy crop industry. (VIDEO)
SEPTEMBER 18th, 2001 - HIGHLY REFINED, MILITARY GRADE ANTHRAX is sent to several locations and to politicians who were questioning things.The Anthrax Spores were traced back to a US lab.
SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001 - TUESDAY Exactly 10 years to the day of George Bush's "New World Order" speech come theStaged False-Flag Attacks On The United States. It justifies invasion of Afghanistan(to build a pipeline) (VIDEO), it justifies the invasion of one of the world's largest oil resources (Iraq), beefing up the military, andmoving trillions of dollars in funds covertly.
SEPTEMBER 10th, 2001 - Rumsfeld tells Congress thePentagon has "lost" 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS!(VIDEO)
2000 Rev. Sun Myung Moonbuys 300,000 hectares in Paraguay strategically placed behind the Andes Mountains.
SEPTEMBER 4th, 1998 - Google is launched. Although several search engines have already established huge user bases, Google somehow manages in a couple short years to rise to supreme overlord of the Internet. It is later revealed by an ex CIA agent that Google got millions in "seed money" in exchange for user information.
MARCH 19th, 1994 Denver "New World" Airport is constructed behind the highest mountains is the US.
1993 - The
Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope is built.
1992 - NASA redesigns it'sLOGO to depict a rebirth of mankind.
JANUARY 17th, 1991 -Operation Desert Storm will drop "177 MILLION POUNDS" of bombs on Iraq course of the next 6 months. After 12 years of intense sanctions, bombings, terror attacks, and United States imperialistic subversion, Iraq will be ready to be invaded in 2003.
SEPTEMBER 11th, 1990 -George H. W. Bush Delivers a chilling speech titled"Towards A New World Order"
AUGUST 2nd, 1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait for "slant drilling" under the Iraq border into Iraq oil. Before the fact it is shown that The United States basically gave Saddam Hussein permission to do so. The whole thing is shown to be a big set up.
OCTOBER 9th, 1986 - The FOX Broadcast Network Channel is launched. This will grow into the world's biggest media company ever known. Television, radio, movies, music, and news will never be the same. FOX's base company was The Sun Pictorial that was founded 09/11/1922
1984 -The REX 84 Test and Operation Garden Plot (VIDEO)
1982 -Deregulation Allows The United States to Create Endless Funds
MARCH 22nd, 1980 - The Georgia Guidestones Erected



JULY, 2009 -The Colony
NOVEMBER, 2004 -Survivorman
OCTOBER, 2006 -Man -VS- Wild

MAY, 2000 -Survivor Series
1993 - 2010 - Media Trends 1994-2010


JUNE 5th, 2010 -Another spiral appears in sky over Australia

DECEMBER 9th, 2009
The Norway spiral (VIDEO)
SEPTEMBER 29th, 2009
Cosmic rays increase 19% in 2009
MAY 29th, 2009Dramatic changes in our Sun(VIDEO)
JUNE 30th, 2008 -Rapid changes in Earth's liquid core
NOVEMBER 26th, 2007 - Natural disasters up 400%
MAY 4th, 2006 - Chandler wobble stops

JUNE 12th, 2010 -Fireball witnessed over Pinar del Rio
JUNE 12th, 2010
-Fireball crashes into Canadian farmer's field.

JANUARY 18th, 2010
Several meteors and fireball seen over Richmond sky (Night)
JANUARY 18th, 2010 -
Meteorite hits doctor's office in Virginia (Day)
JANUARY 10th, 2010 -Large fireball reported over Irving California
JANUARY 7th, 2010 -Fireball seen over Montreal Canada
DECEMBER 19th, 2009 -Huge fireball seen in broad daylight over Candlesby, UK
DECEMBER 7th, 2009 - Bluish green fireball sighted over northern Germany
NOVEMBER 27th, 2009 -Large fireball seen by witnesses over Miami
NOVEMBER 26th & 27th, 2009 - Large fireballs reported over Edmonton 2 nights in a row
NOVEMBER 21st, 2009 -Huge meteor explosion lights up sky in South Africa(VIDEO)
NOVEMBER 19th, 2009 -Asteroid streaks across Australia for 15 minutes

NOVEMBER 18th, 2009 -Asteroid creates huge fireball seen in 8 states!(VIDEO)
NOVEMBER 7th, 2009 -Huge flash in the sky witnessed by many in British Columbia

NOVEMBER 7th, 2009 -Large fireball reported over California
NOVEMBER 6th, 2009 - Earth narrowly misses asteroid strike
NOVEMBER 4th, 2009 -Large ice chunks from sky batter Chicago house
OCTOBER 27th, 2009 -Bright blue fireball reported over Kansas
OCTOBER 18th, 2009 -Meteorite hits family car in Canada
OCTOBER 13th, 2009 - Hundreds in Netherlands and Germany see exploding fireball
OCTOBER 8th, 2009 -Asteroid creates massive explosion over Indonesia
OCTOBER 7th, 2009 -Fireball and explosion reported over Namibia
MARCH 29th, 2009 - Huge fireball and explosion over East Coast USA
MARCH 2nd, 2009 -100 foot asteroid zips by Earth


JUNE 23rd, 2010 -5.0 Earthquake strikes US/Canada border region.
JUNE 12th, 2010
6.4 Quake Jolts Northern Japan, Felt in Tokyo
JUNE 12th, 2010
7.5-magnitude quake strikes off India coast
APRIL 14th, 2010 - 6.9 Kills hundreds in China
MARCH 4th, 2010 -6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan
UARY 27th, 2010 -8.8 Earthquake and tsunami strike Chile
FEBRUARY 10th, 2010 -3.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chicago
JANUARY 12th, 2010
7.0 Earthquake and tsunami hits Haiti
JANUARY 10th, 2010 -6.5 Earthquake hits Northern California
JANUARY 3rd, 2010 -7.2 Earthquake and tsunami hit the Solomon Islands

MAY 19th, 2010 - Scores killed in Congo volcano landslide - U.N.
27th, 2010 - Volcano spews sand, ash over Guatemala April 27, 2010
29th, 2010 - Undersea volcano threatens southern Italy: Report
20th, 2010 - Volcano erupts in Iceland, hundreds evacuated
JANUARY 17th, 2010 -Earthquake swarms start under Yellowstone
JANUARY 2nd, 2010 -Congo volcano eruption threatens rare chimpanzees
DECEMBER 15th, 2009 - Thousands evacuated as Philippines volcano heats up
OCTOBER 5th, 2009 - Montserrat volcano shoots plume of ash into sky
JUNE 8th, 2009 -Second eruption rattles Colombia's Galeras volcano
MARCH 26th, 2009 -Alaska's Mount Redoubt spews ash 50,000 feet high
FEBRUARY 1st, 2009 -Japan warns of volcano eruption within 48 hours

JUNE 12th, 2010 -4 Feet of water in Kansas City after storms

JANUARY 3rd, 2010
Freak red sandstorm slams Sydney 

NOVEMBER 9th, 2009 -50,000 dead starfish found on Irish beach
OCTOBER 9th, 2009 -Squid beaching baffle scientists
AUGUST 15th, 2009 - Whale shark sightings baffle scientists
FEBRUARY 23rd, 2009 - Bee populations continue to disappear
1986 - 2010 -Shark attacks on the rise

JANUARY 21st, 2010 - Mysterious explosion rattles windows

JANUARY 18th, 2010
Police respond to unexplained explosion over El Dorado Kansas

JANUARY 14th, 2010 -FOX News flooded with calls after sonic boom (s?) in New Mexico
JANUARY 6th, 2010 - Colorado bar's roof explodes - Search for meteorite is on
DECEMBER 9th, 2009 -Sonic boom shakes Tucson Arizona
DECEMBER 7th, 2009 -Loud noise shatters glass in Tularosa Mexico
DECEMBER 3rd, 2009 -Pressure wave shakes up the Australia again
DECEMBER 2nd, 2009 -Large unexplained blast shatters windows in West Virginia
DECEMBER 1st, 2009 -Sonic boom and tremors reported in the Australia
DECEMBER 1st, 2009 -Sonic boom and tremors in South Carolina not an earthquake
NOVEMBER 17th, 2009 -Military says sonic boom's source over Mississippi still a mystery

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2009 -Tsunami tides slam North Tasmania

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2009 -Ferry rammed by high tide in Indonesia
NOVEMBER 18th, 2009 -Rogue wave carries fisherman out to sea
NOVEMBER 15th, 2009 - Rogue wave drowns woman in North Carolina
SEPTEMBER 9th, 2009 - Freak 20 foot waves flip boat in Australia, kill man
JULY, 2009 -Freak tides on the East Coast USA baffle scientists
MAY 30th, 2009 - Strange tides lead to fear in Puerto Rico
JANUARY 21st, 2009 -Freak wave knocks ferry out of commission
DECEMBER, 2008 -Strange tides reported in Gulf of Mexico
OCTOBER 30th, 2008 -Strange tides in Boothbay Maine
SEPTEMBER 7th, 2008 -Weird tide reported on jet ski blog
NOVEMBER, 2007 -Freak high tides hit Essex
APRIL, 2007 -Freak wave smashes into Acapulco

NOVEMBER 23rd, 2009 -Brazil suffers yet another major blackout

NOVEMBER 11th, 2009 -Large scale blackouts in Guyana
NOVEMBER 10th, 2009 -Massive blackouts in Brazil
NOVEMBER 9th, 2009 -San Francisco blackouts

The Dragon - By LUCUS 2009


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